The architect

The man behind sinBol Garden & Landscape Design is ir. A. Bol. Arnout Bol was born in 1984 in Doetinchem, the Netherlands. From his mother’s side he received a great amount of floral knowledge from the tree plantation families in Boskoop. From his father’s side he received a great love for nature. Later on, together with his own creative personality, this lead to the logical career choice of garden architect when he was twelve years old.

Therefore, when he finished high school, he went to study garden & landscape design at Larenstein University. After successfully completing this major he was not entirely content yet. He decided to pursue Master’s degree at Wageningen University. This did not go without struggle. Wageningen University’s strict guidelines clashed with his creative character. Because of this he chose to do the Master part time and he established sinBol Garden & Landscape Design. In January 2014 he completed his Master’s degree and was able to call himself an architect.

In the meantime he has worked for an urban design agency, two landscape design agencies and he has countless years of experience at garden companies and shops. His focus lies solely on sinBol Garden & Landscape Design since June 2014. It has become his fulltime occupation.

The name sinBol Garden & Landscape Design consists of three elements. The first element is the last name of architect Arnout Bol. The second element is the word sin, which refers to enjoying life, because that is what is important in a garden. A garden is a place where you can relax and enjoy your spare time. The third element is the fact that the name ‘sinBol’ is based on the word symbol, which refers to the company’s architectonic background.

Besides the regular properties of a garden & landscape architect, Arnout Bol has greatly broadened his knowledge and skills to the area of durable developments. His designs have been the core of multiple presentations on international conferences. His durable approach goes much farther than the regular green tools. Because of this, he has been able to contribute to multiple durable outdoor areas in districts in the Netherlands.

The peak of his career so far is receiving the Bravvo Award in 2009. He won this by creating a design for the palace gardens of Paleis Noordeinde. Former queen Beatrix commented that she was pleasantly surprised about the good way in which the design combined the old historical character of the location with a modern view on the future. Even though the design wasn’t immediately carried out, it will be the possible base for the future.