Sinbol Garden & Landscape Design has three different types of clients.

Individual customers:

SinBol offers great value for money to individual customers. SinBol provides discount on many areas. Because of that, 40% of our projects have more savings than costs. In other words, you will save money! For example, due to a network of suppliers we can supply plants for wholesale prices. Thanks to this you will easily earn back the money you paid for the project. Besides this, sinBol Garden & Landscape Design has a large network of experts we have good experiences with, to ensure a good collaboration that will give you the perfect garden for a low price.

Garden and landscape design related organizations:

Do you have little time? Is it a complicated garden? Or do you simply want to outsource the design? The biggest part of sinBol Garden & Landscape Design’s projects consists of supporting gardening organizations. Thanks to this, a collaboration that strengthens both organizations arises, rather than competition. Provide your clients with more quality and request a non-committal meeting with us.

Governments and project developers:

sinBol Garden & Landscape Design also does large projects. In fact, this was the reason for the establishment of our design agency. Small scale and durable urban and landscape projects are what we are best at. Due to the fact that our agency consists of one architect with a network of other entrepreneurs around it, we can establish a proper, enthusiastic team for every project for a great price!